Samson Severes.



Samson popularly known as Sam is the manager and also a Co-founder of Roasted Masala. Sam was born in Goa, India to a family that owns 2 restaurants in India. Sam has been in the hospitality industry since a child. He has worked in many restaurants both in India and the USA. He worked as a manager for a couple of Indian restaurants in the Upper West and the Upper East Side.


  Sam has a very charming and easy going personality. He is very dedicated and makes sure that all the patrons are welcomed and feel at home when under his hospitality. He also puts tremendous effort in ensuring the quality and presentation of the food.  

The quality of food and service at Roasted Masala is a testimony to Sam and all it's team members

Pande. Ji​ - HEAD CHEF


Top Lal Pandey commonly referred to as Pandey Ji has been part of the Roasted Masala team from day 1. Pandey Ji was born in a small mountain town in Arghakhanchi in Nepal. The town is popular for its beautiful temple, astonishing natural beauty and fantastically delicious food.

Pandey Ji has been a chef for over two decades serving in many restaurants such as Annapurna in Kathmandu, Tandoor Indian Restaurant, Utsav Indian Restaurant just to name a few. 

Gopal Ranjit. - SOUS CHEF


Chef Gopal is a jack of all trades. He is an all round chef with a unique talent and ability to become any chef as the need be. He has worked as a Curry Chef, Grill Chef, Tandoor Chef, etc.

Gopal has been working in as a chef for 14+ years and has worked for restaurants such as Taj, Amla and Anjarpa.

Though being able to work as any kind of chef, Gopal has mastered to be the Grill Chef



Saiful who is always called as Alom Bhai was born in Bangladesh. Alom has been part of the restaurant industry for over 10+ years. He started his journey as an intern at Bele Garden Restaurant.


He watched and learnt from multiple chefs and choose to specialize in being the Tandoor Chef. Today he has perfected his art of bread making and has been part of the Roasted Masala team as a Head Tandoor Chef for over 2 months.